Midjourney Free Trials Are Back This Weekend ONLY! Test V5.1 NOW!

Midjourney Free Trials Are Back This Weekend ONLY! Test V5.1 NOW!

Midjourney Free Trials are Back this weekend! Enjoy the latest release of Midjourney v5.1 and be amazed. Here’s how to make the most of your 48 hours with this magical AI Art tool!

Midjourney Free Trials are Back this Weekend!

Midjourney is celebrating the release of the new v5.1, which came out earlier this week. You can give this new version a shot from now through the end of the weekend!

Old accounts that previously used a Midjourney trial (but never a paid membership) are also refreshed and re-enabled for a new trial.

How to set up Midjourney

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide that explains how to set up Midjourney plus the required free Discord account.

How to set up Discord and Midjourney -Step-by-Step Guide How to Set Up Midjourney - Sprinkle of AI

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Midjourney Art Inspiration

Here are my latest Midjourney Art collections with prompts for ideas on what to make. For more daily inspiration, you can follow me on Instagram @sprinkleofai!

Gorgeous Midjourney Portrait Examples With Prompt Text -Midjourney for Beginners - Sprinkle of AI

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Wes Anderson Midjourney Prompts - How to Create A Wes Anderson Aesthetic with Midjourney AI

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How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney is an AI tool that can generate original high-quality images based on simple text inputs. It creates these images through Machine Learning and is continuously trained with countless amounts of data to improve the output.

How to Use Midjourney

Midjourney works within the Discord app. You can create a free account on Discord and sign up for the beta on Midjourney.com to get an invite and start generating images.

You can learn how to set up Midjourney with my free Midjourney AI Art for Beginners Guide!

About the author

My name is Marloes Ratten, and I love to make things. During the day, I’m a Macrame teacher, and at night I love to go a little crazy in Midjourney.

If you would like to see more of my AI artwork, follow Sprinkle of AI on Instagram or check out more posts on my blog sprinkleofai.com!

For more info about me or my handmade items, check my blog macrameforbeginners.com, or browse my Etsy Shop for beginner-friendly step-by-step patterns.

This website features a collection of fictional characters and products crafted with Midjourney. All images are purely imaginative, and any resemblance to actual persons or products is entirely coincidental.

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