Create Amazing AI Art with Freepik and Discover my Featured Artist Collection - Sprinkle of AI

Create Amazing AI Art with Freepik & Discover my Featured Artist Collection!

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve become a Freepik Featured Artist! After exploring their incredible AI image tools, I couldn’t resist diving in and creating some gorgeous AI art.

When I started my AI Art journey, I had no idea what exciting opportunities would come my way, but I’m all here for it!

My campaign with Freepik went live last week, and I’m so happy that I can finally share my full collection with you all! 😍 Inspired by dreamy florals and strong, inspiring women, this set has been such a joy to create.

Create Amazing AI Art with Freepik and Discover my Featured Artist Collection - Sprinkle of AI

A huge thank you to Freepik for this amazing opportunity! Working with the team and using these awesome tools has been such a fun experience.

Curious to see all 50 images in this collection? Check out my Sprinkle of AI Art Gallery on Freepik!

Get started with Freepik

Have you signed up for Freepik yet? It’s totally free, and you’ll get access to 10 daily downloads and all their AI tools!

Freepik offers millions of assets for various projects, such as vectors, icons, videos, (AI) photos, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use one of their handy AI tools, such as the Image Generator.

Create Amazing AI Art with Freepik and Discover my Featured Artist Collection - Sprinkle of AI

Once you find or create the image you like, you can use the Freepik tools to upscale, retouch, expand on an image, or remove the background so you get it exactly right!

Discover all the handy Freepik AI Tools

Freepik offers a wide range of fun tools to create all the assets you ever need. Here are my favorites!

Freepik AI Image Generator

Making AI art with Freepik is super fun using their AI Image Generator. With their handy prompt enhancer, all your creative ideas can be easily turned into stunning artwork!

One of my favorite things about working with this tool is the infinite scroll of results based on your prompt, which gives you endless options to find the right image without rerunning it.

Reimagine Tool

You can use the handy Reimagine feature in Freepik to see more variations for a specific image. You will get new results based on the original image, which is super helpful when iterating on a concept to get to the results you had in mind.

Freepik Mockup Generator

Want to stand out with your AI-generated art and POD shop on Etsy?

The Freepik Mockup Generator allows you to easily place your AI-generated art on a product like a mug, T-shirt, or wall. Simply drag your design onto whatever surface you’ve selected and the AI will make sure it looks great no matter the angle!

Create Amazing AI Art with Freepik and Discover my Featured Artist Collection - Sprinkle of AI

Freepik Image Upscaling

Freepik offers a great Upscaling tool that can enlarge and sharpen your photos and AI images.

My image collection for Freepik was upscaled using the Magnific AI tool. If you want to apply a little magic to your upscale and improve them even further, this is the tool you need to try out! I promise you, it will blow your mind!

Freepik Design Tool

You can turn your images into graphics for your website or social media channels with the handy Freepik Design Tool. It comes with handy editable templates, a background remover, an AI translator, and much more!

That’s a wrap

I hope you enjoyed the artwork I’ve created for my collab with Freepik. Follow me on Instagram @sprinkleofai for more AI art and free Midjourney prompts!

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