Best Instagram Midjourney Artists You Should Follow - AI Art Inspiration
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15 Best Instagram Midjourney Artists You Should Follow – AI Art Inspiration

Are you looking for the best daily AI art inspiration? Then you will love the creativity of these 15 Best Instagram Midjourney artists. From stunning portraits to futuristic architecture and design concepts, these photos will blow your mind!

Although the Midjourney community is still relatively small, you can already follow some amazing AI artists on Instagram for daily inspiration!

Best Instagram Midjourney Artists You Should Follow - AI Art Inspiration

Join the AI Art Community on Instagram

Before we dive into the Best Instagram Midjourney Artists, I want to share how fun it is to join the AI Art Community on Instagram. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t amaze me with their amazing creative ideas!

Follow me on Instagram @sprinkleofai for daily inspiration, artist shoutouts, and the best Midjourney tips!

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Midjourney AI Art

Here are some of the most popular AI Art hashtags you can look for on Instagram and add to your posts so others can discover your work more easily.

Midjourney AI Art hashtags

#midjourney #midjourneyart #midjourneygallery #dailymidjourney #midjourneycommunity #aiart #aiphotography #digitalart #thisisaiart #aiartcommunity #aiartdaily

Midjourney Portrait & Fashion AI Art hashtags

#aiportrait #portraitphotography #midjourneyportraits #midjourneyfashion

Midjourney Interior & Architecture AI Art hashtags

#midjourneyinteriors #midjourneyarchitecture #aiconcept #midjourneyarchitecture #aiarchitecture

Best Instagram Midjourney Artists You Should Follow - AI Art Inspiration

Learn how to get started with Midjourney 

New to Midjourney? Check my handy free guides for beginners to set up Midjourney in just 10 minutes and learn how to write the perfect Midjourney prompt to get started right away!

Free Midjourney Prompt Sets

Discover my free Midjourney Prompt Sets and level up your creativity! I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with them. Check my Instagram for more examples!

15 Best Instagram Midjourney Artists

Here are the 15 Best Instagram Midjourney artists that will surely spark your creativity!

If you’re looking for Midjourney artists that love storytelling, check out my latest guide 15 Best Midjourney Storytellers on Instagram


This account is my favorite and shows how you can create a whole new world using Midjourney. Follow the adventures of this vibrant AI-generated population excited about the prospect of a perpetually happy future!

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I love storytelling with Midjourney, and this account does it best! Follow to explore the world of Hilda’s former royal family, born and raised on a bear farm in Siberia.

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This fictional Instagram influencer travels to the most stunning places on earth (through Midjourney) with a funny but critical view of the horrendous plastic pollution.

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Welcome to the Elf lands! You’ll surely meet some strange creatures when you follow this magical Insta account!

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Around the world, 100 years from now. Maybe.

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This creative agency is specialized in intergalactic art direction, photoshoot styling, and epic production design!

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This account will make you very happy if you love colorful and futuristic portraits. Follow this creative Prompt Pixi for more daily inspiration!

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What would it be like if one day the world was invaded by candy? If you want answers to this important question, make sure to follow this amazing Midjourney portrait artist!

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If futuristic design and architecture are your jam, then make sure to follow this Midjourney wizard!

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Midjourney doesn’t always create what you have in mind, but the accidental results are often hilarious nonetheless. Follow this account for more Happy Aiccidents!

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This AI artist offers the perfect combination of timeless pastel architecture, retro fashion, and unique dystopian worlds!

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If you love cute pink art, this beautiful stylized Instagram feed will make your heart beat faster!

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Explore Fashion through artificial intelligence and enjoy the most beautiful futuristic creations!

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With surreal vintage travels and eccentric ensembles, this artist has a beautiful way of capturing all the mysterious moments!

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Join this talented artist in her AI pastel and neon world full of colorful, creative portraits that will blow your mind!

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That’s a wrap

I hope you enjoyed this list of the Best Instagram Midjourney artists! Make sure to follow them all and give your favorites some love in the comments!

Add me on Instagram @sprinkleofai for more daily inspiration, artist shout-outs, and handy Midjourney tips!

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How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney is an AI tool that can generate original high-quality images based on simple text inputs. It creates these images through Machine Learning and is continuously trained with countless amounts of data to improve the output.

How to Use Midjourney

Midjourney works within the Discord app. You can create a free account on Discord and sign up for the beta on to get an invite and start generating images.

You can learn how to set up Midjourney with my free Midjourney AI Art for Beginners Guide!

About the author

My name is Marloes Ratten, and I love to make things. During the day, I’m a Macrame teacher, and at night I love to go a little crazy in Midjourney.

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