AI Music is Here... and it's SO GOOD! - Suno AI Music & Songwriting Review 1
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AI Music is Here… and it’s SO GOOD! – Suno AI Music & Songwriting Review + My Best Tips

Did you know Suno AI can compose complete 2-minute songs about anything you want? Let’s explore AI Songwriting and create your own catchy AI Music in seconds!

Want to write a song about the moon, your best friend Steve, your goldfish, or your parent’s anniversary?

Simply type in your prompt, and Suno AI will compose an entire 2-minute-long song for you in just a few seconds. Including lyrics, voices, and a melody in almost any language you can imagine!

Want to hear what it can do? Try this catchy romantic French song I made with Suno AI to get a great first impression!

Saison de l’Amour

“Saison de l’Amour” – Suno AI

What can you do with Suno AI?

You can use Suno to generate AI music in 3 different ways:

  1. Use Sunu AI to compose a song, including lyrics, voices, and a catchy melody
  2. Use Suno AI in custom mode to add your own lyrics or generate them with AI
  3. Use Suno AI to compose instrumental-only music

How does Suno AI work?

Once you’ve landed on their homepage, tap one of the songs to hear an example and get some ideas of what is possible. Ready to get started creating your own AI music? Tap “Make a song” in the top right corner to create a free account.

AI Music is Here... and it's SO GOOD! - Suno AI Music & Songwriting Review 1

Once logged in, you can tap “Explore” for inspiration, tap “Create” to make your song, and tap “Library” to play back your favorites.

How to Create Songs with Suno AI?

To compose a song with Suno AI, all you need to do is write a prompt. You can keep it very simple or add more instructions. For example:

  • Make a happy song
  • Make a romantic ballad about falling in love
  • Make a song for my best friend Amanda
  • Make a song about the planet Mars and weird aliens
AI Music is Here... and it's SO GOOD! - Suno AI Music & Songwriting Review 1

You can write more advanced prompts to make your songs sound more unique and personal. Mix different genres, use another language, and use different male or female voices. For example:

French Ballad – Saison de l’Amour

This song about falling in love in Springtime is one of my favorites! Tap this link for the lyrics and listen to it on Suno AI.

Suno AI Music Prompt:

a French sensual electronic ballad about start of spring season and falling in love, young whispering sexy angelic female voice, guitar, violins, 6/8, jazzy salsa progression, sound of birds chirping 

Portuguese Bossa Nova – Praia Quente

Spot on! This is one of my favorite music genres and Suno AI didn’t disappoint. Listen to it on Suno AI and dream away of tropical summer days at the beach!

Suno AI Music Prompt:

a portuguese bossa nova style song about spending a hot summer day on the beach and drinking champagne sung by Portuguese female singers with whispering seductive voices

How to Remix and Extend your Song with Suno AI?

Once your song is created, tap the More actions (…) menu, select “Continue From This Song,” select the desired time to extend your song, and press Create. You can also use “Get Full Song” to put the full song together.

AI Music is Here... and it's SO GOOD! - Suno AI Music & Songwriting Review 1

5 Free Songs a Day

One prompt generates two versions of a song with the same lyrics. You get 50 free credits daily, enough to generate five free songs.

Commercial Use of Suno AI Music

You can use your songs for non-commercial purposes on your social media accounts, but you must attribute it to Suno. For example: Music made with Suno AI.

You need a Pro or Premier subscription to use the songs commercially or upload them to a streaming service such as YouTube or Spotify.

Suno owns the copyright of songs created in the free version. Users who subscribe to Pro or Premier gain ownership of their AI music.

For more information, you can check their FAQ section.

How to create unique AI music with Suno?

Here are some keywords that you can add to your Suno AI prompt to create unique songs:

Choose a Music Genre

Choose your favorite music genres or mix different styles. For example, hardstyle, 80s rock ballad, metal, k-pop, Slavic folk, R&B Soul, jazz, deep house, old-school hip-hop, opera, ambient, 60s disco, Bossa Nova, EDM, French chanson, etc.

TIP: Add the keyword LIVE to create the sound of a Live performance.

Add instruments

Select which instruments you want to hear in your song. For example, piano, violin, flute, guitar, harp, bass, etc.

Choose a voice type

Describe the type of voice you want to hear and how the song should be sung. For example, a whispering female voice, a raspy and seductive male voice, an angelic choir, etc.

Choose a Language

Suno AI can generate songs in multiple languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.

Add a vibe

Add a vibe to your AI music with keywords such as tropical, dark, upbeat, happy, melancholic, jazzy, etc.

How to add your lyrics in Suno AI Custom Mode?

Go to “Create” and make sure “Custom Mode” is selected. Once selected you can use your own lyrics or tap “Make Random Lyrics” and get creative with the help of AI. You can also opt for “Instrumental” to create songs without lyrics and voices.

With “Choose a Style,” you can select your favorite music styles to create a custom vibe, mood, and tempo. You can also tap “Use Random Style” for inspiration.

AI Music is Here... and it's SO GOOD! - Suno AI Music & Songwriting Review 1

How to download & share your song in Suno AI

You can download your Suno songs as an MP3 audio file or MP4 video file. You can also use the share options to send the file to friends or publish it publicly to the Explore Gallery.

More examples of great AI Music

You can browse the gallery for more AI music inspiration. Here are some of my favorite finds!

Doo Wop Oldies Pop (English) Play Song: Gubblebum Bop

Surfstyle Synthi Pop Deep House (German) Play Song: Am nächsten Morgen

1960s Spy Music (English) Play Song: Please Tell My Wife to Stop Doing Parkour

Interesting Use Cases

Besides creating fun and catchy songs, there are more fun ways you can create content with Suno AI. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Memorize your study material with Suno AI

As a child, I listened to music that helped me memorize all my tables. Adding your own lyrics to Suno Ai allows you to turn all your study material into a catchy song.

Write a soundtrack with Suno AI for all your content

Want to spice up your cooking content? This person used Suno AI to sing out the entire recipe for How to cook a sausage on a grill.

Using Suno AI for Storytelling

Another fun example I found in the gallery is using Suno Ai to tell a story like this person did with The Tale of the Raccoon Bard.

Suno AI Price Plans:

Basic Plan: free – 50 credits/day (5 songs in 2 versions) – non-commercial terms
Pro Plan: $8/month billed yearly – 2500 credits/month (250 songs in 2 versions), general commercial terms
Premier Plan: $24/month billed yearly, 10000 credits/month (1000 songs in 2 versions), general commercial terms

That’s a wrap!

Are you excited to make some catchy AI music? I can’t wait to hear your wonderful masterpieces. Tag me on Instagram @sprinkleofai so I can listen!

Happy composing! 🎉

Love, Marloes

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