How to Remove Watermarks from Your Midjourney Images - Free Watermark Remover AI Tool
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How to Remove Watermarks from Your Midjourney Images – Best Free AI Watermark Remover Tool!

Get rid of watermarks from your Midjourney images using powerful AI technology. Here are the best free and paid AI tools to remove watermarks in seconds!

Everyone who works with Midjourney is familiar with the accidental watermarks and logos that sometimes appear on your images.

UPDATE: You can now use the new Vary (region) Inpainting tool to remove watermarks from your Midjourney images.

Drag the selection over the watermark and rerun the prompt without altering it to get 4 new results with a watermark shown.

Remove Watermarks from Your Images

Thankfully, AI can help us remove watermarks from our images. Here are two super handy AI tools that can remove watermarks and logos for you in just a few seconds!

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Best Free Tool to Remove Watermarks

The first site I highly recommend is This free AI tool can remove the most difficult (repeating) watermarks, text, stamps, and logos while keeping the original image intact.

How to Remove Watermarks from Your Midjourney Images - Free Watermark Remover AI Tool

How to use

Simply upload your image to the site or app and download it without any watermarks and logos visible.

Android users can download the mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Canva is a paid tool many graphic designers use to create content for social media and blogs.

Within Canva (desktop and mobile app), you can use the Magic Eraser AI tool to remove less complicated logos or signatures from your images. You can also make other minor corrections or remove the background.

How to Remove Watermarks from Your Midjourney Images - Free Watermark Remover AI Tool

How to use Canva for removing watermarks

Step 1: Upload your image to Canva

Step 2: Tap the image and select Edit Image from the top menu bar

Step 3: Select the Magic Eraser tool and brush over the area you want to remove

Step 4: Download your image without watermarks and logos

Now You Know How to Remove Watermarks

I hope this guide has given you the tools to remove those pesky watermarks and logos from your Midjourney images.

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